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April 15th, 2011

Filipina ass may be the finest Asian booty on the planet

Filipina ass

It’s a well known fact that Filipina girls have the best Asian ass on the planet. Well, proportionately out of the population that is. While there definitely are some Japanese, Thai, Korean, and other Asian girls out there with some juicy booty…they just cannot be found in the amount available in the Philippines.

Case in point, the Filipina amateur named Maui you see featured above. I don’t care if this chick doesn’t have perfect legs. Yeah she’s got some scars, but who wouldn’t want to fuck that tight little pussy bareback doggystyle?! Watch that cock going in and out of her wet hole, and her sweet ass bouncing every time you plunge it in deeper.

For more evidence of hot Filipina booty picked up off the street and fucked, see Trike Patrol.

February 24th, 2011

Teen Asian girlfriend fucked bareback in her smooth pussy

Asian teen girl

You see, this is what you get with an Asian girlfriend…wet dick sucking lips on your cock, and a tight smooth pussy to fuck bareback any time you like. Hot Asian teens like this can be found by the truckload in Thailand, and proof of what they’re willing to do for their men can be seen on film at Thai Girls Wild. Creampies, anal sex, you name it…the innocent looking girls out there are up for it. But until you can afford a plane ticket there, you might want to check out their site and see what awaits you…

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February 4th, 2010

Thai teen girls getting their shaved pussies creampied

Thai teen girl

These are not the Thai girls I’m used to seeing on porn sites. You know, the street whore/bargirl types, who while super hot…have also been around the block a few times. No, the Thai teens like the brace-faced cutie seen here are fresh as can be, and their smooth, shaved pussies taste sweeter than nectar!

The only thing better than putting your tongue into one of these girls’ ultra-tight Asian coochies is, sliding your cock inside instead. Can it get any better than that? Why yes, it can! The best part of all is busting a cumshot into her warm little love cave, then watching that creampie dribble back out. All things that the lucky bastard filming for Thai Girls Wild get to experience.

Thai Girls Wild

October 30th, 2009

Teen Japanese pussies get shaved, fingered, and fucked

Japanese teen pussy

Two common complaints I hear about Japanese porn:

1. Mosaic censorship

2. Hairy pussies

Well, you won’t find either of those at G-Queen. The site is 100% shaved pussies in uncensored clarity with cute Japanese teen amateurs. The creators really are connoisseurs of smooth Asian pussy, as you can see from the quality photos and videos. As far as I know, there is no other J-Porn site out there like it. It’s great to see what these girls really look like down below. They have the most beautiful “lips” which we often miss out on when a hairy muff is in the way. ;)

Check out Yumi Aina here showing off her freshly shaved pie-pan before getting fucked. Sliding your cock inside that smooth, bald, cunt has to be the true the meaning of ecstasy. It just doesn’t get any better than that! I only wish more Japanese porn could be like this. Much respect to G-Queen for being innovators, and I hope they keep up the good work!

September 15th, 2009

Real Asian amatuer girlfriends show pussy for the camera

Asian teen amateur

For those looking for amatuer Asian girls from the real world, you will love this “girlfriend” pussy porn site. There are so many innocent looking girls who, behind closed doors, feel free to let their slutty side out. Especially in parts of Asia…these girls are taught to be meek and submissive. They play the part of the “good girl” well, but see for yourself what these so-called good girls are really capable of.

From Asian teen girlfriend to sexy mature MILFs…from Japan to the Philippines, you’ll see them all in 100% amateur glory, sucking cock, and taking it from behind. Don’t ask me where they got these photos and videos from, but they do have a “Submit your Cute Asian” page at My Cute Asian. Pretty crazy stuff, that’s for sure.

March 6th, 2009

Fingering ass hole of Japanese schoolgirl before backdoor butt sex

Fingering ass

Been awhile since I featured a Japanese girl here, so I figured what better way to make up for that than with a dirty ass fingering video with a cute schoolgirl in her sailor suit uniform. What I love about these Japanese girls is, they have the “innocent” look down to a science. Not only with their cute outfits and makeup, but with their mannerisms as well. They’ll be squealing and crying the whole time they’re getting a lubricated dick in their ass, pretending they don’t like it, yet secretly these little Asian sluts are enjoying every minute of the kinky anal pleasure.

Watch this guy fingering the tight ass hole of Japanese schoolgirl Arisa Aoyama, skillfully getting her in the mood for some backdoor butt sex. I couldn’t believe how he almost gets half his hand in her ass…he’s practically fisting her! Then, when he pulls it out, watch her cute, puckered anus flex shut, just as tight as it was before. Fucking awesome! I came so hard watching her get ass fucked, and then creampied at Anal Nippon, the only site I’m aware of devoted to anal sex videos straight from Japan.

December 16th, 2008

Ever tried perverted anal sex with super feminine Asian ladyboys?

Thai ladyboy

I’m telling you, I never would’ve dreamt of being able to fuck a girl with a cock, but these incredibly feminine ladyboys from Thailand are hotter than most pussy-girls! Seriously, if you passed any one of them on the street, there is no way you could tell what they actually have between their legs. What’s more, I have heard that they are way better in bed than most women. They are super horny, and know exactly what guys like!

I’ve known more than a few straight guys who went out to Thailand, then came back swearing that these ladyboys are simply the best. They look, smell, and feel like real women…but have the sex drive of us! They are up for just about anything, and they will never deny you anal sex, as buttfucking and oral sex is the only option. After seeing these videos of lucky straight guys going at it with Asian ladyboy hotties in Thailand, I’m convinced…

No joke, I am seriously thinking about trying it out, cause you only live once right? So fuck what other people think! Call me a pervert, I don’t care. I just wanna fuck one of these fine-ass ladyboy sluts in her tight little asshole!

Perfect Ladyboys

February 21st, 2008

Asian hardcore with ring gag on Thai whore in pantyhose

Asian hardcore

Here is another Asian hardcore fuck flick from Asian Apple Seed which is a great example of the hotness of Thai whores. This hooker in pantyhose and fuck-me high heels gave me a stiffy just from seeing her round, brown ass raised up in the air. Looks like the guy in the video was thinking the same, cause he stuck a shiny red butt-plug in her asshole that looked so damn nice there!

This Thai whore is smoking hot, with a great body, and tight shaved pussy that feels intense to fuck. It’s simply amazing how gorgeous these cheap whores in Asia are. The girl’s so damn kinky, she even lets him handcuff her and put a ring gag in her mouth, so she’s completely helpless to receive his cock. It’s a real masterpiece, which words, and pics, just can’t do justice. I think you should take a look at the video clip to get an idea what I’m talking about!

Fucking great original stuff over at Asian Apple Seed

Thai girl in high heels

January 6th, 2008

Hot Asian sluts in Thailand will let you fuck every hole

Hot Asian slut

This is what is great about Thailand…tons of hot Asian sluts who are willing to do whatever you like to please your cock! Take a trip out there, pick up a hot girl like this, then take her back to your place to explore all her hot sexy holes. You can put your cock in her mouth, and get a fishhook blowjob. Then fuck her tight shaved Asian pussy…and when your cock is lubricated with her cunt juices…push it in her tight ass for some anal fucking. There is nothing these slutty Thai girls won’t do to please you, no matter how kinky your fetish is. You will simply be amazed with the girls inside Asian Apple Seed.

December 7th, 2007

Slutty Thai chicks with shaved Asian cunts loving creampies

Thai sluts

There’s nothing like a slutty Thai chick who is willing to take a creampie in her shaved Asian cunt. They are so tiny and petite, and sliding your cock in that smooth wet twat feels better than anything you could imagine. Being deep inside a fine girl like this, you’ll never want to pull out…just keep fucking her as long as you can last!

The lucky guy at Creampie Thais gets to fuck all of these Thai sluts bareback, then pump every last drop of his cum deep inside their shaved pussies. We get to see all of this in high-quality video, as they spread their silky smooth legs to show us the cum as it dribbles out of their moist Asian cunts.

It is pure heaven to bust an internal cumshot inside one of these girls!

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